Сharacterization of copper-nickel mineralization of metagabbroids (North Timan)

  • Shmakova A.M. Institute of Geology Komi SC UB of RAS
Keywords: North Timan, copper-nickel ores, precious metal mineralization, complex ores


The article discusses the comparison of the mineralogical and technological properties of minerals and the whole copper-nickel ore manifestations of the "Blizhneye" and "Dal'neye" Bugrovskaya area. According to the results of the study, rock-forming and secondary minerals of ore-bearing rocks were established. Characterized sulfide minerals and their associations. In general, the complexity of ores, including precious metal mineralization, was noted. According to the obtained mineralogical data, possible methods of ore enrichment are predicted.

Author Biography

Shmakova A.M., Institute of Geology Komi SC UB of RAS

Junior Research Associate