Industrial minerals of the Fennoscandian Shield and their contribution to progress in the mineral-raw materials balance of global economy

  • Shchiptsov V.V. IG KarRC RAS
Keywords: Fennoscandian Shield, mineral resources base, minerageny, deposits, industrial minerals


The Fennoscandian Shield is a megastructure, which has actively evolved since the early stages of earth crust formation (> 3.5 Ga) and a sequence of geological regimes during subsequent geological evolution paralleled by the formation of various types of industrial mineral deposits. The paper shows the important role of the shield’s industrial minerals in the exploitation of global useful mineral deposits played for decades. The industrial mineral potential and its dependence on socio-economic conditions, environmental requirements and market demand are described.

Author Biography

Shchiptsov V.V., IG KarRC RAS

Doctor (DSc) of Geology and Mineralogy
Head of the Section of Mineral Raw Materials 
Chief Research Associate in the Section of Mineral Raw Materials