Manufacturing finished rare-metal products from natural raw minerals and artificial formations using innovation pyrochemical methods instead of conventional techniques

  • Melentyev G.B. Joint Institute for Hihg Temperatures RAS
Keywords: rare metals, metal waste, processing, liquation melting, plasma chemistry, pyrolisis


The author’s concept, showing the need to manufacture finished chemical and metal-ore products from the various types of Russia’s specialized rare-metal raw materials using direct physico-chemical dressing methods instead of producing mineral concentrates by conventional dressing methods, is presented. Arguments in favour of thermo- and pyrochemical methods for the deep processing of various natural and artificial raw materials using liquation melting, plasma chemistry and pyrolysis, are put forward. Examples, showing the use and efficiency of these methods for processing rare-metal resources, including recommendations for industrial mineral deposits to be exploited and waste from active mining companies, are supplied. The author recommends to revive and develop rare-metal production and to replace foreign products by Russian ones with regard for the increasing role of the state and applied science.

Author Biography

Melentyev G.B., Joint Institute for Hihg Temperatures RAS

Cand. (PhD) of Geology and Mineralogy
Senior Research Associate