Mineralogical materials study (manufacturing ceramic products)

  • Zhukova V.E. FSBI VIMS
  • Ozhogina E.G. FSBI VIMS
  • Bondarchuk I.B. FSBI VIMS
  • Sycheva N.A. FSBI VIMS
  • Shuvalova Yu. N. FSBI VIMS
  • Yakushina O.A. FSBI VIMS
Keywords: mineralogical material science, mineral raw materials, ceramics


Basic mineralogical materials study as a science concerned with the study of the principles of selecting and manufacturing of materials from raw minerals are discussed. The results of the study of ceramic bricks, conducted to forecast blend composition and roasting regime for obtaining the various exploitation properties of the finished product are reported.

Author Biographies

Zhukova V.E., FSBI VIMS

Junior Research Associate 

Ozhogina E.G., FSBI VIMS

Doctor (DSc) of Geology and Mineralogy
Head of the Section of Mineralogy

Bondarchuk I.B., FSBI VIMS

Junior Research Associate

Sycheva N.A., FSBI VIMS

Cand. (PhD) of Geology and Mineralogy
Research Associate

Shuvalova Yu. N., FSBI VIMS

Senior Research Associate

Yakushina O.A., FSBI VIMS

Doctor (DSc) of Techics
Leading Research Associate