Application of the electric pulse disintegration method for obtaining a clean garnet concentrate from mica-garnet schist of West Keyvy

  • Potokin A.S. Mining Institute KSC RAS
  • Stepenshchikov D.G. IG KRC RAS
  • Voytekhovsky Y.L. Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Keywords: West Keyvy, garnet concentrate, garnet ore, processing, electric pulse disintegration


The first to evaluate the possibility of obtaining clean garnet concentrate from the garnet-mica schist of West Keyvy using electric pulse disintegration materials method was shown. After electric pulse disintegration of garnet crystals and washing the garnet product from mica inclusions has managed to get 94% clean garnet fraction –0.5+0.25. There are good prospects for the technical implementation of the proposed technology. The KSC RAS has a rich practical experience in creating demonstration (pilot-industrial) facilities for both opening and extraction of coarse-grained minerals and grinding.

Author Biographies

Potokin A.S., Mining Institute KSC RAS

Research Associate

Stepenshchikov D.G., IG KRC RAS

Cand. (PhD) of Geology and Mineralogy
Research Associate

Voytekhovsky Y.L., Saint-Petersburg Mining University

Doctor (DSc) of Geology and Mineralogy
Professor, Head of Dpt. of Mineralogy, Crystallography & Petrography